characteristics of Bangkok’s deadly chicken punch and types of scales

characteristics of Bangkok's deadly chicken punch and types of scales

Discussion About characteristics of Bangkok’s deadly chicken punch and types of scales A Bangkok chicken complained of respect for its ability to hit. In addition to the ability to survive, the ability to hit is also the initial capital that must be owned by a fighting cock that wants to win every war in the arena pounded. As in practice, we can see how the fighting technique and the type of blow that a chicken has when it is in a competition.

However, from the experience of those who have been honed, knowing whether a bangkok chicken has a good blow or not, can be seen enough from the special characteristics of its posture. Following below, we will directly discuss the characteristics of the deadly Bangkok chicken blow and the type of scales :

♦ Characteristics of Bangkok’s Chicken with a Deadly Punch
Bangkok chicken who has a deadly blow certainly requires proportional posture. This capital is needed to create powerful punches that are right on target regarding vital parts of the opponent’s body. More specifically, what is meant by proportional body posture on chickens with deadly blows can be characterized by body shape, size and shape of bones, body position, claw shape, leg shape, neck and feathers.

➢ 1. Body Shape
Chicken with a deadly blow generally has a round body shape and rather long. Body shape like this generally can accommodate a greater number of muscles. The strong muscles in the chicken are also characterized by its rubbery meat texture. You can touch and pull his thigh muscles to find out how strong and deadly your cock fighting Bangkok is.

➢ 2. Bone Size and Shape
Bones are organs that cannot be forgotten. Bones also support the striking strength of fighting chickens. Chickens with strong blows are generally characterized by large bone size and round shape. Look at the bone in his leg and you will know how strong and deadly the blow from your fighting chicken is.

➢ 3. Body Position
The position of the body determines in creating a lethal blow. From the experience of botohs, chickens that have an angle of 90 degrees so that their backs are rather straight, generally have more chance to attack. So do not forget the characteristics of this one.

➢ 4. Claws and Fingers
Strong claws and fingers play an important role in creating fierce blows and wounds. Look at the fighting chickens whose specifications are hit chickens. Look at the shape of the claw or middle finger. Champion breed chickens generally have a middle finger curved or bent inward.

➢ 5. Foot Shape
The right shape and angle of the foot will be the initial capital for the creation of strong gontayan when hitting chickens. If you see a chicken with a slightly elbows when raised, it is certain that the chicken is a champion breed, especially if combined with the six characteristics of the chicken with another deadly blow.

➢ 6. Neck Shape
The shape of a large and tight neck is a characteristic of a fighting chicken with a lethal blow. Such a neck shows that the chicken has strong neck muscles. Strong neck muscles characterize the muscles of the body are also strong. For matters of muscle, you can train your fighting chickens with certain physical exercises.

➢ 7. Dense fur
Bangkok chicken with a deadly blow is thick fur. The feathers, especially on the wings, are the main ammunition for winning air duels. Dense feathers allow your cock to be more varied in creating unstoppable maneuvers when he is competing.

Well, so are some characteristics of Bangkok chicken with a deadly blow. Chickens with body conditions as mentioned above, when competed will surely easily fight the opponent. In addition to showing the characteristics of a deadly blow, the posture is also certain to be strong withstand the onslaught of the opponent.

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How to determine a good Fighting Chicken for the match is not only seen from the physical side only. But also must understand about the main characteristics of the chicken said to be good. Chicken scales are one of the main sides in Bangkok chicken. That type of chicken is recognized as having unique characteristics and type of scales. Here are some fighting chicken scales that affect the way a fighting chickens fight:

➢ 1. Princess Kinurung’s Scales
Bangkok Chicken Complaints with the scale of the scales are characterized by the fact that there are scales that slip out between the main scales of the chicken feet. A leg blow from the kinurung daughter’s chicken can make her opponent sway and knockout. However, the competing techniques are usually monotonous with only a few movements of this maneuver.

➢ 2. Winarayan Delinquent Scales
It can be ascertained, the opponent will run helter-skelter frightened for example meeting with a chicken who has a delinquent scales in winarayan scales. The uniqueness of the chicken is the breaking of the little finger both left and right. His ability to punch can make you die KO. We can’t often get chickens with those customers, so on the biggest search website in the world called Google, we also don’t often find paintings or photos of chickens with delinquent stumps, Winarayan.

➢ 3. Satriya Sinekti’s scales
Satriya sinekti is the name of a chicken customer who does not have very sharp scales on his feet. Satriya Sinekti’s chicken feet are smooth without any scales. In the experience of a number of ancestors of chicken hobbyists in the past, the chicken with which the foot scales were tilted naturally won out in each match. However, satriya sinekti chicken is now increasingly difficult to find. Types of Chicken Scales in Cockfighting Gambling

➢ 4. Tanjung Karang scales
Bangkok chicken feet scales with which a coral cape is broken in the back of the left and right fingers. Bangkok chicken with scales like that generally will have a punch that is difficult to guess his opponent. Once hit on the side of the head, the chicken punch that has been said will be able to or can be a dazed opponent and lost consciousness.

5. Coral Scales
The uniqueness of bangkok chickens that have rock scales is all the scales on their feet are broken. The capability to maneuver is usually amazing. Sukai’s maneuver is aimed at the opponent’s eye. Because of this, it is very risky for example to reach the eye because it can cause the opponent’s chickens to experience permanent blindness.

6. Prey Dragon Scales
Even though the specific signal from the chicken with which the prey dragon scales and ubed jalu are, there is a ubed circular on the ankle makes it look like a bracelet. very often we can’t find chickens with scales like that. Blows from the prey dragon chicken will be able or can paralyze the opponent in a very short period of time. Types of Chicken Scales in Cockfighting Gambling

7. Banda Dragon Scales
The arrangement of the dragon banda chicken feet scales looks like the skin of the salak fruit skin. General also referred to the scale of the customer referred to by the name of rice and rice sprinkles. Chicken beating with dragon banda scales is recognized as having good luck and can make the opponent’s chicken run helter-skelter even though the competition has only been running for a few seconds.

8. Hereditary Dragon Scales
The characteristic of bangkok chicken with hereditary dragon scales is characterized by which the back side of the feet facing downward. Chickens with such a range of scales generally have a very dangerous, hard and deadly blow. So it is admitted that a Bangkok chicken stroke with hereditary dragon scales, for example about an opponent’s bones, can cause bones that have been said to be broken inside.

9. Chain Stone Scales
Bangkok chicken stroke with which it is admitted that chain stone scales will feel hot, hard and painful for their opponents. Even so, chickens with scales like that based on experience will generally experience natural tenderness. The stone chain chicken is characterized by which there are scales under his fingers.

10. Lapak Stone Scales
Types of Chicken Scales in Cockfighting Gambling with which stalls are confessed to stalling stone scales will have a blow that can eliminate the opponent’s power. For example a chicken punch that has been said just about the neck and the head of an opposing chicken, so it can be sure the opposing chicken will sway and weak. Characteristics of the chicken with which I set it is that there are neatly arranged scales on the soles of his feet.