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Play the Online Casino You Like – Now for you to play online gambling games, of course you will really need a number of winnings to play which is much more fun to get whenever you want. Online casinos offer the best opportunities to bet with real money. It offers the opportunity to play a variety of traditional and modern casino games from your computer. Online casinos are not only interesting for playing games, but also provide a lot of information about various games.

Play the Online Casino You Like

Online casino–Learn and Play pragmatic online slots

Online casinos offer the best way to practice your skills and learn new ones. This is a place to improve your gambling skills, not play. Playing online allows you to challenge both professional and amateur players. This competition is great for learning and preparing for the upcoming matches.

Online casino- you can play whenever you want.

Online casinos are loved by many casino enthusiasts from all over the world. This is because it saves a lot of time and makes it convenient. Imagine you enjoy playing at a local casino. However, are you sure you can find some extra time to fit into your busy schedule? The most common problem that casino lovers face is driving to remote locations. If you want to play after hours, internet casinos are the best option as they are open all day and night. You may also face other problems while gambling at land-based Casino online .

Go out and play the game you like

Online casinos offer you the ability to play any of your favorite games at any given time. Like real casinos, online casino sites allow you to enjoy the excitement of gambling right from your home. This web based casino site makes it much easier than playing in a real casino.

You will find a wide variety of online casino games, which is why they are the fastest growing. These games include blackjack, roulette and poker as well. You can access these games through advanced technical features from your own home.

What are the main differences between live casino and online casino?

Online casinos and live casinos differ in that they offer the option of betting live. But even this is not all there is. You are expected to play against other players online while playing. However, this could change. Although online casinos often allow players to place bets against other people from different countries, it is not surprising that online players have the option of playing against the machines. It provides a realistic and authentic gaming experience.

Reliable Bettor Tactics to Win Bets Over Under

Reliable Bettor Tactics to Win Bets Over Under – Next, we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with the tactics of reliable bettors to win over under soccer betting bets.

The over under market is arguably more profitable than the 1 × 2 market. This is proven by the number of ball bettors who prefer this market to be played or become a party in the mix parlay market. To win in this market, you only need to guess whether the number of goals is more than or less than the market determined by the dealer PLAYSBO .

Reliable Bettor Tactics to Win Bets Over Under

If you don’t understand, don’t worry. Please read how to play the over under market and how to calculate it. How is the over under market more profitable than the 1 × 2 market? Here’s the explanation.

Compared to other types of sports, soccer betting is a sport that scores fewer goals. Even so, this sport also has a lot of interest in playing online betting. Unpredictable matches, players, league performance, etc. are the main indicators of a team’s strength.

When it is made into a market for the ball by the bookie, the chances of the total number of goals in one match make the over under market very attractive because the bettor does not need to choose which team is superior. You only need to guess the approximate number of goals at the end of the game. Whether the number of goals exceeds the market or under the market.

Then how can you win over under? Here are a few simple tips and tricks on calculating the probability of the number of goals in a match. By knowing this method, it is hoped that you can calculate the odds when you have to bet and when you choose to withdraw.

Tips for winning over under

1. Find the average number of goals per game

Believe it or not, every league has its own goal average. Although the cause is not yet known, it is a fact. For example, the Japanese and Philippine leagues have average goals as high as 5.75 goals per game. While Spain’s Third Division has a goal average as low as 1.71 (according to Soccervista).

Analyzing the league first is a surefire step to predict the number of goals in one game. Or if possible you can also look back at the head to head of the two teams.

This analytical data is actually very easy to find online. But to give you an idea of ​​the differences in average goals per game across the major European leagues, here are the statistics.

Premier League games have averaged 2.4, Italian Serie A with a loss of 3.21 and Spanish La Liga with 2.85 goals per game.

2. Calculate the odds

In John Haigh’s book entitled “Taking Chances”, there is a table that calculates the likelihood of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 or more goals based on the average number of goals per match.

With the table above, it’s easy to determine matches. For example: the home team has an average expectation of 1.2 goals and the visitors are 0.8. For example, you want to calculate the probability of under 2.5. The method is very easy.

First, you have to determine the correct score for 2.5 goals (0-0, 1-0, 0-1. 1-1, 2-0, 0-2). Then find the likelihood for each team using the table above then calculate the possible score by multiplying it.

3. Determine the odds that are worth betting on

Now that we have determined the percentage of possible under 2.5 as above, the only thing you need to do is the best odds you deserve to play.

To convert the percentages you have created into decimal odds, use the formula:

Decimal odds = 100 / probability

As in the example above, the odds of under 2.5 are 67.56. We can enter the formula as 100 / 67.56 = 1.48.

What does it mean? That means you have to bet if the odds offered are higher than 1.48. If these odds are arguably not appropriate with the percentage of winning.

Is this formula certain to work? Not. This formula is the formula for probability. We all know what the possibility may or may not be. But at least this formula can be a guide for those of you who want to win over under.

How To Play Betting Cockfight Online Gambling

How To Play Betting Cockfight Online Gambling

Discussion How To Play Betting Cockfight Online Gambling Watching cockfighting and betting real money in chicken matches is certainly very difficult for you to do in Indonesia because these activities have been banned and there are sanctions for those who break them.

But now with advances in technology you can see cockfighting matches and place bets on cockfighting provided by the cockfighters online.

By playing cockfighting online you can play safely without worrying that there will be raids or money carried away by the bookie. Because the site you are using is a trusted chicken dealer, namely S128 and SV388.

Compared to the original chicken gambling game. This type of game is more profitable. Where you can bet with a minimum bet. So there is no need to spend that deep. You can bet on one of the competing chickens. Besides that, there will also be odds that will become the benchmark for calculating your wins and losses. Coupled with direct and full payments. As well as an interesting bonus from this game, surely the benefits you can get are very tempting. The following below, we will discuss the guidelines on how to play betting cockfight online gambling :

♦ Preparing for Cockfighting Online:
You should find a trusted online bookie / dealer that works together and provides account opening services on the S128 site.
Register yourself at the dealer by filling in the registration form. Fill in the correct data according to your ID card, don’t forget to choose the type of online cockfighting game.
Prepare a bank account (Mandiri, BNI, BCA, or BRI) to be registered on the agent’s website so that you can deposit / withdraw.
After successfully registering yourself, you will get a Username and password to login to Log in first to ensure that the account provided is registered and can be played.
Make your initial deposit. Once the deposit is received, the balance on the account will increase as deposited and means that you are ready to place bets on your first match.

Online Cockfighting Payment Methods:
• Meron: install IDR 100,000-. If the meron wins, you will get a prize of Rp. 75,000 + capital to a total of Rp. 175,000. But if the meron loses, then you lose Rp 100,000.
• Wala: install IDR 100,000. If Wala wins, you will get a prize of IDR 100,000 + capital to a total of IDR 200,000. But if Wala loses, then your loss is Rp. 91,000
• BDD: install IDR 100,000, – what if the BDD results you will be paid 8 x IDR 100,000. So the total is IDR 800,000
• FTD: install IDR 100,000, – If FTF results, you will be paid 88 x IDR 100,000. So the total Rp.8,800,000

Good news for lovers of cockfighting, because right now playing adau chicken can already be played online on the S128 site. Well, now we will provide information on the Guide to Playing Cockfighting Online S128. For beginners, we recommend following the review of the following article until it runs out in order to add to your experience.

Little information about S128 Chicken Fights in the Philippines, cockfighting activities known as Rooster, Battle Cock, Cock Fighter, Chicken Fights, Jago Fights, Matajen, or Chicken Games are considered legal and can be done in public places. in the Philippines because it is considered legal, a cockfighting match can be witnessed on television directly.

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On this occasion we will explain to you all about how to play and place online cock fighting betting provided by the s128 site. for those of you who don’t understand, please refer to the article we gave this time.

♦ Guide to Playing Cockfighting S128:
For the first step you have to do is register in advance at one of the best and most trusted s128 online cockfighting gambling agents in Indonesia.

Choose Meron / Red / Banker or select Wala / Blue / Player, or Tie which is divided into two namely BDD and FTD

BDD is the abbreviation of Both Death Draw or which means both chickens are declared dead before the full match time for ten minutes. If a match is declared finished with a BDD result, then all Wala and Meron bets will be returned (sometimes credit will be a bit late).

FTD which means the Two Chickens don’t die and there are no winners or draws in a ten minute match (full time). If declared FTD then Wala, Meron or BDD bets will be declared losing.

Every choice has ODD or Kei.

In the picture Meron / Red 0.83 is chosen which means the Odds Value if you place a bet with a value of Rp 100,000, – then the prize is Rp 83,000, –

In the picture chosen Wala / Blue -0.93 which means the Odds Value if you place a bet with a value of Rp 100,000, – then if you win Rp. 100,000 and lose losing IDR 93,000

BDD 1: 8 which means if you place a bet of IDR 100,000, – then if you win, you will be paid IDR 800,000, – including your capital of IDR 100,000, – which means if you win you will be paid eight times the value of your bet. And only if it is stated BDD (Both Death Draw) if the two chickens die together before full time runs out and the Full Time is 10 minutes long.

FTD 1: 88 which means that if you place a bet of Rp 100,000, – then if you win, you will be paid Rp. 8,800,000, – including your capital of Rp 100,000, – which means if you win you will be paid 88 times the value of your bet, and only if declared FTD (Full Time Draw) if the two chickens that are competing or competing cannot continue the match or in the sense of the word draw after passing full time with a duration of ten minutes.